We recommend the following roles which include responsibilities for organizational and operational tasks. These roles enable us to communicate and organize the process of installation in the most efficient way to you as the customer. Furthermore, this structure will also be applied with regards to use of the training with our trainer-trainee concept which is detailed below.

The graphic below illustrates our recommended definition of roles into an organizational and operational structure.

Site Business Owner
  • Main contact for Innerspace
  • Central communication point within the site for the system
  • Informs Innerspace about environment changes
  • Approves planned system outages
  • Drives the organizational implementation
Site Application Manager
  • Establish a network connection according to the requirements
  • Initial set-up of the equipment according to the installation manual
  • Initial testing of the product together with Innerspace
  • Troubleshooting for the on-premise device with Innerspace support (IT environment changes, resetting the on-premise device)
  • Equipment replacement in case of failure
Training Program Manager
  • Responsible for training curricula
  • Responsible for training content updates
  • Responsible for trainer coordination
  • Responsible for onboarding of new trainers
  • Scheduling & performing training sessions with trainees
  • Calibration of equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a person can fulfill multiple roles.

The organizational roles should be fixed before the product gets installed.


  • I have a room with the correct dimensions
  • I have the furniture as described
  • I have the required electrical set up
  • I have no disruptive objects in the room
  • I have the mentioned roles nominated