Cleanroom simulator.
Train real-life experience.
Fast, effective, scalable.

Innerspace delivers plug-and-play VR simulators that enable cleanroom operators to bring their work quality to a new level.

Train real-life experience.
Fast, effective, scalable.

Innerspace delivers plug-and-play VR training solutions that enable cleanroom operators to bring their work quality to a new level.


  • Train experience for mission-critical abilities in cleanroom production.
  • Train correct behavior and rectify incorrect habits to avoid mistakes.
  • Train in-depth, real-world experience of complex scenarios.
  • Integrate experience training into your existing training curricula and SOPs.
Innerspace Never study always experience

The future of learning lies within experience-based training. By experiencing learning content instead of just reading or hearing about it, we learn much more efficiently. This is proven by science, and it is the basis of Innerspace Cleanroom Simulators.

Close the gap between learning and doing it right.


  • Accelerate training to experienced level.
  • Reduce onboarding time.
  • No site downtimes due to training needs.


  • Avoid contamination.
  • Know critical procedures.
  • Internalize mission-critical principles.
  • Avoid human error related costs.


  • Train measurable skills.
  • Harmonize training content.
  • Set company-wide training standards.
A new layer for effective training

Effective training consists of two essential components:
The first is to banish errors from the production zone. The only way to achieve this is to train employees through experience in a risk-free area; letting them make all critical mistakes in VR, not in production. The second is to ensure that trainees get to an experienced level as quickly as possible. With focused and systematic training of skills and habits, employees can be prepared faster for their work in cleanrooms.

infographic layer for successful training
How it works

The Innerspace Cleanroom Simulator is the missing link for effective training within your existing curricula. Operators will gain general abilities, turn them into behavior patterns, and then learn to apply them for real in key moments of production.

  • Focus on acquiring general abilities.

  • Internalize abilities and create appropriate behaviors.
  • Train focus in an abstract environment for full ability.

  • Have fun while training in an astonishing Cleanroom Simulator ability arena.

Apply in
Key moments

  • Simulate the most critical moments in processes and interventions.
  • Create, deepen and extend best practice.
  • Train in a convincing cleanroom environment.
  • Ensure reproducible, correct cleanroom behavior.



We are a group of psychologists, training experts and VR cracks. Our passion is developing training for the most critical processes in pharmaceutical production. Find out how VR-based cleanroom training would have a massive impact on your training – and production – quality.
Change the game with real world experience

Train and secure the expert level of your operators fast, effectively and scalably. Combining deep cleanroom knowhow with the simulation of challenges in a safe virtual environment, our Cleanroom Simulator completes standard pharma cleanroom training with real experience.

Easy to set up –
it’s virtual

You only need 5×6 meters to build the area for our VR Cleanroom Simulator that is accessible 24/7 to trainees. Installation needs only a few hours.

Do it again
and again

Operators can upskill in a safe and risk-free environment until they are experts.

Boost your
training quality

Every operator gets the same training quality and instant feedback on mistakes, combined with a deep understanding of the sources of errors.

Procedures easier
to remember

SOPs are 2 – 5 times easier to remember after completing the Innerspace Cleanroom Simulator.

Significantly less
trainer time

Reduce necessary trainer time in basic aseptic techniques by up to 50%.

qualification readiness

Operators can be qualified and requalified for their cleanroom work – up to 33% faster.

The 15 most critical human errors in cleanrooms

Innerspace Cleanroom Simulator focuses on principle-based learning and experience to avoid critical mistakes or human errors. According to a PDA Survey, 43% of all contaminations in pharmaceutical production cleanrooms can be linked to human errors and personnel contaminants. With our Human Error Analysis – a systematic evaluative approach to categorize root causes of human errors – we were able to determine the 15+ most important human errors in cleanrooms.

It‘s easy
to get started

Innerspace supplies all components you need for the successful implementation and operation of our Cleanroom Simulator. From training units to the necessary hardware and support, our customers receive everything from one source.

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Set up
5×6m room

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