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About Innerspace

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Innerspace was founded to empower companies and their employees to sustainably master essential industrial processes

We unite VR technology, training know-how and industry expertise to prevent human errors. We deliver impactful and scalable VR simulators that improve the work performance of multiple operators in the majority of pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Our Team


We are Innerspace – We are VR enthusiasts, developers, psychologists, designers, industry experts and business economists. But more importantly, we are a strong international TEAM with colleagues from multiple countries. Our aim is to unite our know-how to create outstanding virtual reality simulators for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Our Core Principles

Innerspace embraces a unique set of core principles designed to shape our behavior and our relationship with our customers


Webinars, Conferences & Workshops

Experience our VR Simulators for behavioural training and assessment!

Webinars Innerspace


Knowledge transfer and exchange with experts from around the world is part of our mission to improve the training of cleanroom personnel. Our experts are regularly invited to interactive webinars with top industry specialists hosted by the PDA. Sign up now to get invited to our next webinar.

Annex Workshop


Conferences & workshops are great opportunities to try our Virtual Reality Simulator first-hand. From October 30, 2022, we are at the PDA Annex 1 Workshop in Palm Springs. We look forward to meeting you there!

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Three Layers of Expertise

What makes us different. Even, unique.
Industry Expertise

Comprising professionals with decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, our team creates top-notch content that 100% satisfies our customers’ needs.

Training Expertise

Starting with the question of how to design a training system to boost learning efficiency ten-fold, Innerspace is creating a blueprint for the future of virtual reality training and simulations.

VR Expertise

VR Technology harnesses the tremendous potential of experience-based learning. Advancing the standards of industrial VR simulations, our team introduces the immersive learning revolution to our customers.