Innerspace Cleanroom Simulator

Our Virtual Reality Simulator makes your operators perfectly prepared for cleanroom operations

Innerspace Cleanroom Simulator

Our Virtual Reality Simulator makes your operators perfectly prepared for cleanroom operations

The simulator is the perfect addition to your global training program. Finally, operators can train critical scenarios completely risk-free.

Features that our Customers Love

“Usually it takes a lot of effort to visualize the airflow. Within the simulator, it is a matter of pressing a button.” Manager in Production from Switzerland

“Making the unvisible visible is the true power of virtual reality.” Operator from Singapore

“I now have a good sensitivity for correct movement speed while performing tasks in the cleanroom”, Operator from the USA

“It just feels real. Within minutes I forgot that I am in a simulation.” Operator from Austria


“Not all our operators speak English. With native language support we can garuantee a maximum training success.” Head of Training from Belgium

The Cleanroom Simulator is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Japanese.

Our Standard Training Module Package

We provide training modules that fit perfectly with your existing training curricula

Principles of
First Air

Learn to interact with First Air and avoid disturbing the airflow in the best way possible.

Principles of Environmental Monitoring

Understand and learn about the importance of environmental monitoring air, personnel and surfaces.

Principles of Correct

Perform a variety of tasks to understand how to move correctly in a grade A cleanroom environment.

Navigating Critical Areas in Cleanrooms

Understand the criticality of your hand-movement within an aseptic environment.

Disinfection of Surfaces

Learn the correct laminar wiping technique and apply it.

And many more …
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Our Scalable Solution for your Enterprise
Our scalable Solution for your Enterprise


Deploy the Cleanroom Simulator at all your production sites worldwide

With the Simulator Hub, you can easily deploy and manage the Training Modules at all your sites – worldwide, fast, and secure.

Currently available in 7 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Japanese.


Make VR part of your full learning journey.

We support state-of-the-art standards for integration to your Learning Management System. You can implement VR into your current curricula and fully automize the training documentation – similar to traditional eLearning content.

We support SCORM 2004 – 4th edition

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ANALYTICS Measure what matters


Measure what matters.

Gain insights into the usage of the Cleanroom Simulator on all your devices. Compliance of the generated data is ensured through a role-based user management system.

Innerspace Analytics seamlessly integrates into your Office365 Suite with SSO. No need for a separate account.

Documentation is key in the pharmaceutical industry. It is so important for us that such new technologies integrate seamlessly with our existing infrastructure.

Head of Learning Technologies

Our Professional Services

Our experts translate critical business objectives into training modules and ensure a smooth rollout, ongoing engagement, and valuable insights


We provide a structured process to find the most valuable use cases with the highest possible ROI for your organization.

implementation service

Our Customer Success team ensures a smooth integration of the Cleanroom Simulator into your organization with best practices.

customer support

Our team of product specialists ensure troubleshooting, issue resolution, and usage guidance for our software
and hardware.

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