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How Human Errors Influence Inspection Outcomes

October 2023

Tracy Moore, an accomplished quality professional with over 32-year experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, shares valuable insights gained from her role as a former inspector. Explore how culture, human factors, and training all play a role in achieving successful inspections. Additionally, we will discuss some practical tools and techniques designed to mitigate human errors and offer recommendations based on real inspection findings.

Myths in Training & Successful Transfer to Manufacturing

October 2023

We challenge some common misconceptions in training: By questioning the idea that training should always cover the same content and focus exclusively on processes, our training expert, Sebastian Scheler, provides valuable insights on how to effectively transfer training to the manufacturing sector. Additionally, a showcase of real-world case studies will highlight the possible advantages of using immersive technologies for training.

Riverside Acceleration Capital Investment

September 2023

We are excited to announce Riverside Acceleration Capital as a new investor. With their specialization in accelerating the growth of B2B software companies, we are confident about further scaling our solution for the global market. We look forward to collaborating with RAC to expand our solution and change the way people train in many more companies worldwide!

PDA Partnership

June 2023

The Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) and Innerspace share the same mission of delivering high-quality and impactful education to the industry. In line with this goal, our Innerspace Virtual Reality Simulator and its built-in Frame-by-Frame Risk Profiling capabilities will become part of PDA training courses for professionals in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

Develop Impactful Training in Times of the New Annex 1

March 2023

The revised Annex 1 requires significant adjustments for manufacturers of sterile products, including the training cleanroom personnel. At the same time, advanced manufacturing procedures require highly qualified personnel. Join Sebastian Scheler, our Chief Methodologist at Innerspace, to learn about a practical guide on creating an impactful and Annex 1 compliant training curriculum as a crucial part of a Contamination Control Strategy.

Innerspace: Tyrolean VR Company Tripled Sales in 2022

March 2023

Tyrolean startup Innerspace had a highly successful 2022, tripling sales to over four million euros. Their specialization in VR training for critical production environments, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, contributed to their remarkable growth. Achieving a break-even point, Innerspace solidified their strong performance.

Accelerating Growth for Tyrolean VR Startup

November 2021

After securing a million-euro investment in 2020, Innerspace has announced an additional seven-figure investment. In its second round of financing, the company received a substantial euro investment from its existing investors, MAD Ventures and High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), along with a new partner, aws Gründerfonds.