Innerspace Secures New Investment from Riverside Acceleration Capital

Innsbruck, Austria September 2023 – Innerspace is thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Riverside Acceleration Capital which has made a significant investment in our innovative risk intelligence platform. This platform leverages Virtual Reality (VR) to train pharmaceutical cleanroom personnel, substantially reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines crucial for patient safety and product integrity.

Our VR Cleanroom Training Simulator and Risk-Profiling

Responding to these challenges, Innerspace has developed a VR simulation environment where cleanroom personnel can safely master essential skills such as disinfection, environmental monitoring, aseptic filling, and operating biosafety cabinets. Our platform simulates realistic scenarios, providing immediate feedback to users, allowing them to correct mistakes in real-time, and helping managers to objectively assess their teams’ performance against standardized metrics.


Our risk-based approach tailors training modules to target the most significant risks and common errors specific to each client, enhancing the effectiveness of training and reducing the likelihood of costly contamination incidents. The adaptability and precision of our solutions have garnered a rapidly expanding client base, including several top-tier pharmaceutical manufacturers in Europe and the US.

We are proud to partner with Riverside Acceleration Capital, whose support is instrumental as we continue to refine our training solutions and expand our market presence. Since first connecting with Riverside Acceleration Capital about a year ago, their team has recognized the significant value Innerspace delivers to our customers through our innovative VR training solutions. They see substantial potential for growth in our work and anticipate an increasing demand for such pioneering technologies, especially given the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape in the pharmaceutical sector. This partnership highlights their confidence in our ability to set new industry standards and expand our market presence.

We look forward to collaborating with RAC to expand our solution and change the way people train in many more companies worldwide!

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