We proudly announce that we have just secured a seven-figure investment for our operations. Ever since our beginning in 2017, we have continually proved that there exists a strong demand for our products – experience-based training. Our hard work has been closely observed by many, and we are delighted to move to the next level together with MAD and HTGF.


Tobias Faupel, senior investment manager at HTGF had this to say: “The company has already shown that there is considerable demand for its training solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.” This is why we have been planning to dedicate this funding round into expanding our product offering. The needs of our customers, some of the leading pharmaceutical companies, are ever-growing and we are really excited to bring more options to the table for them. Our goal for 2020 is to double the amount of training units.

We wish to reduce downtime and production related mistakes to a minimum. We want to help pharmaceutical operators to step into any cleanroom around the world with confidence and the correct skillset for every key moment of production. Moreover, we want our products to achieve this through the most efficient learning method – the experience – but in the comfort zone and safe environment that is virtual reality.

Walter Ischia, investor with MAD Ventures and CFO of Innerspace sees it this way: “For many, virtual reality is still considered a gimmick, but for our customers it is the key to a completely new revolution in learning and training.” The fact that we were able to identify this with only a handful of employees at the beginning of our journey is a sign of great things to come, especially now that our forces are growing. However, for the training be realistic and effective, it requires in-depth psychological evaluations, followed by resource-intensive technical and artistic development. This funding will allow us to optimize our team structure for the most agile product development that will then deliver products faster than ever before.

According to our CEO and lead psychologist Sebastian Scheler: “Even though we are aware of these challenges, we believe we are already on the right track. We attract experienced professional VR developers from every corner of the world to this small place in the Alps. I think it speaks volumes about our dedication and plans for the future.”

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