General DeepTrainings

General DeepTraining: Cleanroom Behavior

In the focused simulation of a cleanroom real work experience is made - without risk for the product or the operator. Correct behavior in the cleanroom is a challenge: the highly sensitive cleanroom environment confronts its operators with particular challenges that push today‘s training systems to their limits. The problem: principles of modern psychology of learning receive too little attention and opportunities of modern technology are not fully exploited. Innerspace DeepTrainings demonstrate in a revolutionary way what the combination of in-depth psychological knowledge and technological know-how provide for cleanroom training.


Prevent contamination in GeneralDeep Training

Clean correctly, disinfect and move to prevent contamination. Purposeful experimentation in the simulated clean room of our virtual reality shows the operator the effects of his behavior.


Basic principles of correct cleanroom behavior are learned, backgrounds understood. Thus, profound awareness and understanding are formed, while at the same time the motivation for correct work is strengthened.

Module 1: Movement in the cleanroom
  • understand the importance of correct movement speed in the cleanroom: humans as generators and distributors of contamination

  • maintain correct movement speed continuously

  • recognize and eliminate problematic movement patterns: sudden hand movements, turns, reflex movements

  • discover mental strategies to abide to the rules of correct movements in the cleanroom

Module 2: Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • maintain correct wiping techniques: succeed at cleaning and disinfection through a conscious step-by-step system (a.o. laminar wiping technique)

  • regularly fold and change wipes /
    observe action times

  • disinfect critical areas correctly

  • ensure even application of disinfectant

  • reliably detect potential sources of contamination

  • understand and avoid the risk of cross contamination

How our customers use DeepTraining
  • training of new operators
  • further development of experienced operators
  • focused training in critical key moments
  • preparation for qualification or requalification processes
  • analysis tool for trainers: prove, analyse and improve skills based on data
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