Virtual experiences for real experience

The natural evolution of knowledge is experience: we learn, we apply what we’ve learned and get better and better at it – until we’ve mastered a situation. In its DeepTrainings, Innerspace fully replicates this process – which is why they’re more effective and cheaper.


Because there are no distractions, because fewer training personnel is needed and because any mistakes that are made in the protected environment of the simulation have only one consequence: experience.

Employee: Mindset and skill set
  • Simulated experiences create real experience 
  • 100% skill set & mindset
  • Repeat as required – as often as desired and at any time 
  • No distractions – full focus on the training 
  • Safe virtual environment – no risk for the clean room 
Company: Markedly more efficient training
  • Shorter, more risk-free and more effective learning 
  • Reduced costs thanks to better trained personnel
  • Less downtime and fewer aberrations 
  • The training is uncoupled from physical space 
  • Consistently high quality due to standardisation
  • Data-supported verifiability and comparability of training success 
The Innerspace training revolution is based on five basic principles
Real learning is always based on experience

Experience sinks in much better than purely factual knowledge. We learn, we apply what we’ve learned and get better and better at it – until we’ve mastered a situation. In its DeepTrainings, Innerspace fully replicates this process.

The mindset is essential for training success

Understanding and applying the basic principles of correct cleanroom behaviour, recognising habitual patterns, the emergence of negative emotions or different thought traps – biases: all this is integral to the right mindset and of fundamental importance for the success of the training.

Repetition as the need arises dramatically increases the absorption of knowledge

Repetition creates a sense of security. Innerspace DeepTrainings can be repeated as often as needed, without cost or effort – always precisely when the learner needs it most.

It is only possible to learn in a focused way when there are no distractions

In seminars, attention can flag – and even more in e-learning. Even during on-the-spot training, distractions can arise. The focused, virtual-reality DeepTrainings preclude distractions and ensure absolute efficiency.

We need a protected environment in order to learn from our mistakes

Mistakes in the clean room can have serious consequences – for operations, the company and its customers. In the worst case, human lives are at stake. In Innerspace DeepTraining, mistakes have only one consequence: experience.

We will give the operators the confidence to step well trained into the sterile area.
Andreas Habelsreiter, Head of Technology Takdea Linz
A unique opportunity to avoid downtimes in production!
Hans Christian Meyer, Senior Vice President Global Manufacturing and Supply Europe Plants Takeda
This is what our customer Takeda Pharmaceuticals has to say about Innerspace. Some of the largest corporations in the world are already trusting the benefits of our DeepTrainings.

Integrated deep in the

DNA of your company 

When the progress of your employees becomes a KPI
Innerspace DeepData enables the analysis and interpretation of training data in order to verify the effectiveness of your training and further training through Innerspace DeepTrainings. The insights thereby gained can be used to optimise the trainings themselves or key moments in real operations. In addition, DeepData Insights represent information that can be important for stakeholders in your company: we think that the progress of your employees will become a Key Performance Indicator.