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Virtual Reality: The technology behind Innerspace DeepTraining

Virtual Reality allows us to create experience-based training

Virtual reality glasses from our hardware partners open up the simulated reality of our trainings. All actual movements and hand movements are transferred exactly into the virtual training room. This allows the trainee to move completely freely in real and at the same time in virtual space on a physical training area of 5x5 meters.

The Hardware - High-End Computing for Virtual Reality

  • Stability, safety and regulatory compliance for highly regulated industries
  • All hardware components are provided by Innerspace and can be installed directly on-site
  • The Innerspace Virtual Reality System consists of the following components: Virtual Reality Computer, Virtual Reality Headset, Virtual Reality Controller, Virtual Reality Sensors

Do you have questions? Then contact our technical support. Read more about this in DeepTraining VR and Psychology and why we all need to cram much less in the future here.