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A Review of the Effectiveness of VR Training in Scientific Meta-Studies

Virtual Reality (VR) has established itself as a significant tool in education and professional training. Advocates of this technology highlight it’s superior learning and training capabilities compared to traditional training methods. But do these benefits stand up to scientific scrutiny?

Why Traditional Training is Not Effective in Conditioning Correct Behavior

Precision and consistency of behavior, close to automaticity, is of utmost importance in cleanroom operations. Training needs to condition the correct actions for ensuring that personnel execute their tasks correctly and efficiently, almost without conscious thought. But traditional training methods are not effective in this.

What Effective Cleanroom Training Should Look Like (Part 2)

Failures in aseptic production could lead to high costs, and at the extreme, harm patients' lives. With cleanroom personnel at the forefront opf potential failure, a significant focus lies on training. But what actually constitutes good training? Part 2 of our article provides 6 additional answers to this question.

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